What We’re Doing Here

The Knot Collective intends to provide a thought leadership forum for people in the business of creativity. We aim to bring together contributors from around the world to share what they’re thinking about and how it relates to their profession.

Knot theory in mathematics is defined as the embedding of a circle in a 3-dimensional space. Knots create links with unique algorithmic solutions. Much like the infinite ways in which mathematical knots form relationships, people and information in creative businesses incessantly overlap and cross-pollinate to spawn new insights, knowledge and ideas. This is the foundation upon with the Knot Collective was created. We believe that cross-disciplinary collaboration is the future of innovation and design.

Keep in mind that the thoughts and opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of The Knot Collective as en entity nor the company or agency for which a member of the collective may work.

Thanks for checking us out. We hope the site can serve as a valuable resource and build a lively community that fosters critical thinking and lively discussion. And we invite you to join in on the conversation!

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