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Empathy: Why I Learned to Code

  Early last year I came across an excellent post by Aza Raskin of Firefox: So You Want To Be Designer? It describes the essential traits required for designers to work alongside coders: “2,500 years ago, a Greek writer told us something about creating softwa…

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Personal Projects & Procrastination

Personal projects are very important. They give us creative types the chance to create work without clients and restrictions; to explore new creative avenues and methods without fear of scrutiny or rejection; to create something that may change our lives forev…

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The Power of Prototyping

A prototype in it’s most basic form is the difference between thinking and making. In advertising terms it’s the initial scrawled drawing of a print ad, or the TV idea scribbled on the back of a napkin. It’s turning an idea from an abstract thoug…

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Read This Quick! It’s Distracting You From Work

It’s Monday. I wake up early, get on my bike and arrive at the agency for half eight. I have my morning coffee, tweet about it, check-in, read my emails, update my status, put on my headphones, tweet again, open my notebook, chat to my colleagues, check my email…

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