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Tina Fey

Let’s Make The “Rules of Improv” Rules In Advertising

An idea can be as powerful as a hammer, but usually begins as a delicate seed of an incomplete thought. It needs to be incubated and protected while it develops and gets better. Some creative practices do better jobs than others at this. But all too often, the majorit…

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US Agencies Awarded at Cannes 2011

Infographic: US Ad Agencies at Cannes 2011

Here’s a rundown of US ad agency performance during last week’s Cannes International Advertising Festival. This infographic includes all awarded US agencies but does not include media or independent production companies. Data was based on resu…

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'Old' mentality

Communit-ication: Think Platform, Not Page

We’ve all heard this three thousand times: the old, top-down advertising model is dead and has been replaced by a two-way dialogue and open communication between brands and consumers (also known as people). Where brands used to control and project their images t…

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Pursuing the Magic

Every kid dreams about what he wants to be when he grows up – a doctor, lawyer, astronaut, fireman, pro sports athlete, etc. And over time, these fantasies erode due to harsh reality or simply give way to other interests. After all, no right-minded 7-year-ol…

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