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Empathy: Why I Learned to Code

  Early last year I came across an excellent post by Aza Raskin of Firefox: So You Want To Be Designer? It describes the essential traits required for designers to work alongside coders: “2,500 years ago, a Greek writer told us something about creating softwa…

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Tina Fey

Let’s Make The “Rules of Improv” Rules In Advertising

An idea can be as powerful as a hammer, but usually begins as a delicate seed of an incomplete thought. It needs to be incubated and protected while it develops and gets better. Some creative practices do better jobs than others at this. But all too often, the majorit…

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Creativity, 2011 A.D.

Alexander McQueen has an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY right now. I went there on the Tuesday after July 4th when it seemed like most of the city had to go back to work. No lines and a less crazy crowd then usual meant getting up-close time with one of the…

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beijing nac

A Plastic Future

The beauty of a creative profession depends on working within, and possibly around, external constraints. Regardless of their source, these factors can both inspire and frustrate, frequently doing both at the same time. A fairly recent development in Archite…

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