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Pursuing the Magic

Every kid dreams about what he wants to be when he grows up – a doctor, lawyer, astronaut, fireman, pro sports athlete, etc. And over time, these fantasies erode due to harsh reality or simply give way to other interests. After all, no right-minded 7-year-ol…

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Beginning and End and Beginning

New years are good times to take note of past accomplishments and experiences, and to process what happened in order to make plans for what comes next. But there’s often not enough in-between time to clearly mark an end and make a new beginning. Things blur to…

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Personal Projects & Procrastination

Personal projects are very important. They give us creative types the chance to create work without clients and restrictions; to explore new creative avenues and methods without fear of scrutiny or rejection; to create something that may change our lives forev…

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Mistakes & Why They’re Not Wrong

Something very interesting happens when you paint with watercolors: mistakes. You can’t always control the flow of water. It lifts the paint and carries it somewhere you never thought to put it, often creating beautiful, serendipitous patterns. When th…

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