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Contemporary Stimulus is Change

Cerca di impegnarti al massimo – to try or to do your best. These were the first words spoken at our Friday morning briefing. This speech would signify the kick off of my Masters Program at Scuola Politecnica di Design, as well as a year long partnership worki…

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Transforming Creative Leadership

Think of the most famous leaders you’ve ever heard of. Or the most effective leaders you’ve ever met. Are they people in business, politics or sports? Chances are they aren’t in a creative profession. Most creatives are known for creating, no…

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Using Our Power for Better

Every day, I go into my office and never really know what to expect. Problems fly at me from all directions and I spend the day with some very smart people, thinking up the most creative ways to tackle those problems. We make big leaps, throw out seemingly non-linear i…

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