Who We Are

The Knot Collective is comprised of people eager to shape the future and cross-pollinate creative ideas. We are found in different cities and in different industries but share a common thirst for knowledge and passion for creativity.

Contributor: Ben Coss
Location: New York City
Industry: Architecture
Website: http://www.bencoss.com

I am a LEED Accredited Professional currently specializing in existing buildings six stories and higher in the New York City Area. I spend most of my working hours making inspections on scaffolding 200+ feet above the ground.

Caprice Yu
Location: NY, NY
Industry: Advertising
Website: http://todayimade.posterous.com/
Twitter: @capricey

I'm a native New Yorker who recently returned to NY after a brief hiatus in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Before that, I did a long stint at 180 in Amsterdam helping create global work for adidas and Dr Pepper Europe among other clients. I've returned to BBH NY, currently making stuff for Google and previously Axe, Airborne and Ally Bank. When I'm not making things for clients, I try and make anything from paintings to jewelry to sculptures to pictures. I'm always inspired by the energy and ambition of people who tend to sleep as little as I do and who do more than they talk.

Ciaran McCarthy
Location: Sydney
Industry: Advertising
Website: http://cargocollective.com/ciaranmccarthy
Twitter: @formeandu

I began my creative career as the only kid in the class with the ability to colour between the lines. 21 years later, after completing a degree in Graphic Design from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin I started work as an ad creative working for Publicis QMP in Dublin, and now I'm hanging around HOST, Sydney. My obsession for great ideas is only surpassed by an obsession for hardback books with their dust covers removed.

Contributor: Jackie Prince
Location: New York
Industry: Advertising
Website: http://www.sosticky.com
Twitter: @sosticky

Digital Strategist at LBi - Lost Boys International - working across our lovely J&J accounts, including Neutrogena, K-Y, Carefree, Stayfree and o.b. Lover of the interwebs and creative things people do with it. Founder of sosticky.com and the Creative Global Social Experiment. Originally from Canada (how original) with a few stints in Lyon, Boston and London, now living in New York.

Jared Elms
Location: Portland, OR
Industry: Advertising, Literary Arts
Website: http://jaredelms.com
Twitter: @timesuckage

Professionally speaking, I'm a MFA graduate of the Creative Writing & Critical Studies program at Cal Arts and, oddly enough, a copywriter/ad creative for innovative brands like Google, Apple, Nike, Axe, and Ally Bank, currently working at BBH NY. Personally speaking, I'm a self-professed book nerd and "weekend novelist" that feels somewhat uncomfortable creating a bio in the first place. That said, I'm particularly attuned and fascinated by the intersection of Art/Commerce, Theory/Practice, Presence/Absence and other dialectical investigations into the way we participate in the world. Hence, my involvement with Knot Collective.

Contributor: Leon Fitzpatrick
Location: Chicago
Industry: Industrial Design
Website: http://www.leonfitzpatrick.com
Twitter: le_professional

Australian born and globally raised in places like Switzerland, Rhode Island and Los Angeles, I studied Industrial Design on the mean streets of Detroit and cut my teeth as a professional at Motorola in Chicago, where I attempted to make design side of things a bit more sustainable. Now at MINIMAL Inc. (MNML) in Chicago, I work with some of the best names in the industry on a variety of projects ranging from product to experience.

contributor Lexie Kier
Location: NYC
Industry: Digital & Social Media
Website: http://lexiekier.com
Twitter: @a0k

The internet is my personal lima bean elementary school science project. I serve up digital strategy @ Ketchum and also advise startups. Really into obsolete electronics, art, froyo, loud music, side ponytails, gadgets, pop culture, asparagus & the future, but not necessarily in that order.

Co-Founder, Contributor: Marc Reisen
Location: Milan, Italy
Industry: Industrial Design
Website: http://www.marcreisen.com
Twitter: @marcreisen

I am a transportation and product designer; with professional experience at Daimler Chrysler, Jeep, Honda R&D, Mattel, and Kaleidoscope. Recently I have been teaching as an Industrial Design Instructor at the University of Cincinnati’s’ DAAP program. Outside the University, I consult in product, sustainability, and socially responsible design solutions as well as web start ups. TheKnotCollective was an idea two years in the making, realizing the gap in pertinent design blogs to young professionals. Steve Peck and I sought more than just eye candy, and recycled material, we wanted a place where creative minds can share theoretical thoughts, and ideas. Thus theknot! When I am not teaching, I tend to focus on releasing new products, startups, and volunteering. I like spicy food, Little People radio and Ninja antics.

Contributor: Michael Roller
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Industry: Design
Website: http://michaelroller.com/
Twitter: rollermt

I am an industrial designer. That means I am mainly responsible for determining the function, value, and appearance of products, working collaboratively with marketers, engineers, and some others to bring ideas to life. What that really means is that I am in charge of making stuff look and work like businesses and consumers want them to. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2005 and currently work at Kaleidoscope. I am also a contributor at Kaleidoscope’s concept design blog, The Greener Grass and teach courses at the University of Cincinnati’s renowned College of DAAP.

Contributor: Stefanie Dirks
Location: New York City
Industry: Architecture
Website: http://www.stefaniedirks.com

Always searching, a restless wanderer spinning through space. Any experience is an opportunity to learn something. Try anything and everything, but try never to say no. Travel, write, read. Enjoy food. Currently employed and happy about it, I like all types of design but that doesn’t mean I’m great at every one of them. Small, ultra compact and efficient architecture will forever amaze me, as will high fashion, graffiti, and severe weather. I can’t draw cars or shoes to save my life. I am more than what I do. I love the road.

Founder, Editor: Steve Peck
Location: New York City
Industry: Advertising
Website: http://stevepeck.net
Twitter: @stevenpeck

I'm an Associate Creative Director at BBH/BBH Labs in New York on the Google account, with past experience on Nike, AXE, Sprite and Cadillac. I love great stories, good design and enjoy collaborating with talented people to make cool stuff. I co-founded The Knot Collective in September of 2010 along with longtime friend and transportation designer Marc Reisen after two years of discussion and development. We'd like to create a destination for creative people in business to sparks new insights, ideas and discussion.

Contributor: Stevi Gable
Location: Chicago, IL
Industry: Design: CPG
Website: http://www.photobucket.com/SteviGable

Traveler of the world and jack of all trades- I've worked in Brand Management, Consumer Insights, Advertising, PR and Design (CPG, Apparel, Home, Food & Beverage). Trend forecasting and the consumer/brand experience are my biggest passions. My outlook on life pretty much defines me: Experience and embrace everything that life has to offer- the good stuff is what's underneath.