Infographic: US Ad Agencies at Cannes 2011

US Agencies Awarded at Cannes 2011

Here’s a rundown of US ad agency performance during last week’s Cannes International Advertising Festival. This infographic includes all awarded US agencies but does not include media or independent production companies. Data was based on results posted from the Cannes Lions website.

Check out the full size image here.

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Posted by: Steve Peck
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  1. Bajibot

    This is Vincent Mei, nice info graph! how’s going?

  2. Lexie Kier

    really nice job, Steve. I love how this feels almost like a chemistry table of elements and communicates in a flash how the mighty have fallen.

    • Steve Peck

      Yeah I was just curious to see how everything totaled up. It was interesting to put the data together and create a picture of the breadth and depth of US agencies in relation to Cannes awards.

  3. Tim Geoghegan

    I guess the project threw a wrench into the system? Ok…if you’re a Holding Company out there, I think 4th Amend Wear might be ready for that 10 mil buyout. Ha.

  4. james

    nice work mate, I’ve had a bunch of people send this to me. I reckon the next graphic oughta break it down by individual creative…

    • Steve Peck

      Hey thanks James, good thought! Maybe it could become an interactive infographic on a website or something. Hope you’re enjoying the new gig!

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