“Lead A Better Life” Movement: Consumers Will Thank You

Mommy subway

For years companies have been utilizing guerrilla marketing tactics to connect consumers with their brand. I’ve personally been a “Redbull Girl” and a member of the “Mountain Dew Crew”. It was my job to energize consumers through my product and connect with them on a different level, one that the product alone couldn’t take them to. I’d give them my product and tell them about it, but that was really the extent of it. Looking back, I feel as if this was a missed opportunity to provide more than free product – it was a chance to win a consumer for life. Brands who understand their consumers do well. Brands who understand their consumers and do something about it to improve the lives of those consumers surpass the competition.

First lets explore the segment to whom your brand targets. Statistically speaking, your segment is most likely “Mom”, so let’s use her as an example. How are you going to connect to “Mom” outside of traditional marketing avenues? She’s juggling a MILLION things at once, so don’t even think about trying to stop her outside of a grocery store. She is worried about little Timmy getting off of his kiddie-leash, dropping her coupon book in the middle of the aisle or Mr. Sketchy Man eying her purse in the cart when she struggles for the unreachable box of cereal on the top shelf. Unless –  your company is willing to help moms during their shopping experience.

Physically you could help her during her shopping experience through a personal shopper experience, helping her digitally upload coupons rather than having to carry her pocketbook, sponsor Mommy lockers for purses and belongings, etc. But think, what if you could sponsor a movement for Moms. Making her life easier should be mandatory – and your brand could be the forefront. Peapod and Mom’s Laundry Service are already freeing up time for the consumer to do more of what she loves. What if shopping for your brand was as exciting as getting a manicure? What if experiencing your brand was as exhilarating as girls night out, without the kids? If your brand could make her feel like she won a little lottery every time she interacts with your brand, you’re doing your job correctly.

Estee Lauder, MomsRising.org and Fisher-Price are doing a great job in the social media space, but I’ve not seen the physical interaction with a brand come to life in an equally successful way with moms.

Mom might want to buy your clothing off of your mobile boutique, but how will she know if its going to fit? Let’s remember how difficult it will be to push her stroller into the dressing room and the line she’ll have to wait for in order to get the handicap-size room on the end. What if your brand already had her measurements – this could allow a personal stylist to help her analyze “her avatar” with the selected garments and digitally try on several matching accessories. Shopping could become much easier, allowing more pieces to fly off the shelves. What if there were a Back to School Genie that took care of her list of wishes? Or a Mommy Lounge on the subway that had targeted messaging for goods and services just for her? Imagine the possibilities.

Of course you’d be inclined to include the latest technology into target segment activities, but it shouldn’t always be the go-to move. You should consider all of your options and understand what tactic, if any, are right for your brand.

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  1. Ciaran McCarthy

    Great article Stevi.

    Your points about telling someone about a product rather than demonstrating the product, or providing something useful associated with the product, are very true. There are parallels between that approach and how some brands treat online advertising. When you have the opportunity to help your customer, or give them an experience they’ve never had before they will like you for it and you’ll develop brand loyalty.

    Again, great article.

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