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The Power of Prototyping

A prototype in it’s most basic form is the difference between thinking and making. In advertising terms it’s the initial scrawled drawing of a print ad, or the TV idea scribbled on the back of a napkin. It’s turning an idea from an abstract thoug…

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Mommy subway

“Lead A Better Life” Movement: Consumers Will Thank You

For years companies have been utilizing guerrilla marketing tactics to connect consumers with their brand. I’ve personally been a “Redbull Girl” and a member of the “Mountain Dew Crew”. It was my job to energize consumers thro…

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courtesy of Brian Curran Construction

It’s “Haus” for a Reason

In architecture, fashion, and pretty much everything besides sports, we cannot seem to avoid looking to Europe for inspiration and guidance. Relatively recently I’ve noticed builders adopting the concept of “Passiv Haus” as a form of sustainable building. Wh…

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iPad armageddon

A Projection of Continual Environmental Degradation as Facilitated by the iPad

Present Innovative applications on the iPad and other recent technologies will enable users to control their energy consumption remotely. Turning off the lights, adjusting the thermostat, and even monitoring energy usage can be done with the click of a button…

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