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The Empire Strikes Back

“Each evening the skyscrapers of New York assume the anthropomorphic shapes of Millet’s Angeluses… motionless…and ready to perform the sexual act and to devour one another…” – Salvador Dali New York Salutes Me! New York has maintained its architectural…

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Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit

Creative Creative

Do you wake up every morning to do work that deserves to be called creative? Which is a more appropriate title for your business card: creative director or manager that watches other people draw? Are creative professionals really all that creative? We all know tha…

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The Rise of the Digital Platform

Yesterday, I awoke with a sense of fear. I looked bleary-eyed at my iPhone that doubles as my alarm clock. Then I looked outside only to notice that it was not only colder than usual, but also raining. Raining?  “F this,” I thought. I really didn’…

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Even Shorter Stories: Life in 140 characters or less

A few years ago, while waiting for the salesman in a shoe store, I noticed a guy picking up a pair of bright orange Nikes from the shelf. His eyes widened and his face lit up. He rushed his prize over to his girlfriend and exclaimed ‘I’m getting these!’ The girl looked at…

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